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99 jimmy signalstat (eletronic flasher)

the old flasher started to click slowly on its own with no lights flashing outside,when you touch the brake pedel it stops so i changed it and now it buzzes but touch the brake or turn on the 4 ways and it stops temporarly.any ideas

Disconnect the multifunction switch and note the results, in fact start disconnecting items connected to the circuit till it stops, then your exploration path is set

multi ? explor ? say whaaaaatttttttt???

Multifunction Switch = Turn Signal, Wipers, Cruise Control Stalk. I had the same problem with my 2000 Blazer a few years back.

Try spraying the base of the stalk at the steering column with CRC Electrical Contact Cleaner to clean the contacts. This fixed my switch for a few days, but I had to replace it eventually. The switch is ~$200 and figure 2 or 3 hours of labor to replace.

The NHTSA website had replacement instructions for switch for the 2000 Blazer in the Recalls database. Your switch should be similar.

Ed B.

thanks ed i’ll try that,this 99 is starting to be a pain let alone the insane prices of moduals,switchs.the transfer case mod. started acting up and i got told to check the plug and it was corroded, the price on the moduale was like 750.00. this is the wifes ride ,i was thinking of something new but maybe i’ll keep my 94 sierra ,no problems execpt im tired of the stick

A Chevy tech said the TCCM (Transfer Case Control Module) software locks up when the 4wd is used much. You can disconnect the wiring harness at the TCCM (behind right side kick panel) to reset it or disconnect the battery to reset it.

Last year I had to replace the Vacuum Switch that engages the front axle. The switch is mounted on the firewall with the AutoTrac system. I believe the switch is on the transfer case with the ControlTrac system. The truck would not go into 4wd, I bypassed the switch by removing the vacuum hoses and connecting them directly. The switch was ~$70 at the dealer. Probably the least expensive repair I’ve made on the truck so far. Also check the vacuum hoses, mine are in various stages of rot and need replacing soon.

Autozone has repair guides for the S10 Blazer/Jimmy. Not as good as a shop manual, but better than nothing.

Ed B.

well as strange things go i pulled the plug apart from the multi and it looked ok poked around a little put it back together and still same problem so took the electronic flasher out and the terminals looked fine put it back in and left the keeper strap (off) and that thing has’nt made a sound since!!! not to say im in the clear but will have to wait and see

I was at the Chevrolet Dealer when the cousin to your Jimmy was very popular (S-Blazer). I will say that 20-25% of my time was taken up with issues involving the S-Blazer, then the full size P/U, then the Astro,Camaro,Corvette and then the dreaded Cavalier, the only car I saw bought back because water leaks on the convertible model could not be solved (happened twice).

The Foreman or Service Manager doesn’t tell you that “if your work fails this is a buy back” and I never figured out why as this would have been quite an incentive for me. But nothing could be done with the Cavalier, in my opinion a real POS in those years.