99 Ford E-350 SuperDuty 5.4l Hospital bus/van

Please help: Van is used by a charity to transport people to appointments who can not afford ambulances or cabs.

Problem: If the vehicle is in Park and you insert the key then turn to On then Start, the engine will start but you can not disengage from Park to drive or Reverse.

By turning off the engine and removing the key then reinserting the key but only turning to On, the gear shift can be moved from Park to Neutral, then start the engine and then go to drive or reverse as needed.

Also, we have no brake lights, but the turn signals and back up lights are functional.

We have replaced the brake pedal switch but it did not correct the problem. We also have good breaking power, pedal is strong.

We also checked all fuses and relays but find no problem. Also have used Mitchels on Demand but can not find the solution.

We have also called a few Ford Service people but can’t get a curbside consultation. Can anyone out there in the vast country side give us a step by step trouble shoot on this problem?

Thank You and God Bless

Sounds like a broken wire at or near the brake light switch.

The way these are normally wired is from fuse to brake light switch to a splice. One of the many wires in the splice feeds voltage to the brake lights. Another of the wires in the splice feeds voltage to the shift lock release actuator.

Check for voltage at the brake light switch.

Could be a problem with the brake transmission shift interlock)(BTSI) cant connect how one cycling of the key eliminates concern temporairly. If I read your post correctly this is what I am understanding.