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Urgently need info

I have a used Ford F250 super duty p/u truck-automatic. It’s becoming impossible to get it out of park. My mechanic is unable to resolve problem. I release emergency brake, start engine, gently pull lever towards me, press brake pedal with all my strength and attempt to get it in drive. Problem has been getting worse. Tonight when I needed to go out, nothing I did got it out of park. Might this be a problem typical to Fords? Can you help me please?

Ford uses an interlock solenoid to prevent you from putting the car in gear without pressing the brake first. Perhaps the solenoid is stuck or the activation switch for the brake lights is bad. Do the brake lights work? You can check the brake lights even with the truck not running.

One test to see if it is a stuck solenoid is to try to shift the truck with the ignition off. There is a key switch position between ‘OFF’ and ‘IGNITION’ where the steering will unlock, but the lights on the dash stay off. In this position, the shifter should move without pressing the brake. If it doesn’t, the solenoid is jammed. If it does work, there is an electrical problem between the brake pedal and solenoid. A temp work around if the shifter now works is to use this method to get it into ‘neutral’, then start the truck.

Are you parking on a level area, or on a hill?

No need to release the parking brake first. If you are on a hill the parking brake could be holding the truck and reducing the stress on the transmission.

When you park on a hill you should park the truck apply the parking brake and make sure it “holds” before you put the transmission into park.

If you are not parking on a hill, ignore all of the above. You have a mechanical or electrical problem.

I agree with the above, you are doing things in the wrong order.When you park, apply the emergency brake,take your foot off the brake pedal,then shift into park. When you start,Put your foot on the brake, start the engine,shift out of park, then release the emergency brake. If this doesn’t work you have a mechanical problem and should see a mechanic.