99 Dodge Stratus 2.4 engine service code 1496

what does this mean MAP sensor is not getting ground could this be the problem ? I changed fuel pump could this be the problem

Is the Check Engine Light ‘on’? What exactly is the problem you are trying to fix? What driveability problems are you having?

The 1496 DTC indicates that the 5.0 volt supply from the PCM is too low. The PCM voltage regulator supplies this voltage to the TPS, the MAP sensor, and the A/C pressure sensor. So try disconnecting these sensors to see if the 5 volt supply pops up. If this doesn’t work, disconnect all of these sensors and the PCM and measure the resistance of the 5 volt line to ground. If below 5 ohms, clear the short. If you have access to Alldata, that service has a good troubleshooting flow chart for this code.

Hope this helps, belatedly.