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Odb codes

I am reading codes 1494 and 1495 for a 1997 dodge stratus what does those mean

I believe it is: Leak detection pump pressure switch or mechanical fault related to the power steering system.

If these code numbers were preceded by a “P”, then it appears that you have a problem in the evaporative emissions system. Are you experiencing problems with engine hesitation or stalling, or are you having problems fueling the car?

What symptoms are you observing?

P1494 and P1495 seem to be codes related to a leak detection pump in the evaporative emissions control system. I infer that the ldp pumps up the air in the gas tank/fill pipe etc and a sensor somewhere checks to see if the pressure drops quickly – large leak, more slowly – small leak, even more slowly – normal. It looks like maybe P1494 means that the car thinks the ldp isn’t operating normally and P1495 means it thinks the problem might be the relay (solenoid) that turns the ldp on.

Not that I know anything about this. I got all that by plinking around the Internet a bit and doing some guessing. If I’m right – which may be possible – these codes probably won’t cause any drivability problems and probably won’t damage anything. But they will keep the Check Engine Light on and will probably keep you from passing any emissions inspection your state/province/whatever might have.