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99 Dodge Dakota Vibration

I have a 99 Dodge Dakota, V6, RWD. I recently had one of my calipers seize, so I replace both, along with pads and both discs as well. I am now hearing a vibration from, as far as I can tell, the front end. The vibration occurs only when I am traveling below 30mph, and turning slightly right. The second I either brake, turn hard right, go straight, turn left, and accelerate past 30mph, the vibration disappears. Any thoughts?


The vibration goes away with even slight brake application? If so, the pads aren’t adhering to the caliper and the pad(s) are rattling around.

Also, have you had it aligned lately …as in “is it due”?

I wouldn’t say it’s with slight brake application. With moderate brake application the vibration seems to disappear.

As far as the alignment, I am unsure as to when the last time it was aligned was. I purchased the vehicle in July 09. I haven’t had it aligned in the time that I’ve had it.

Thank you for your response!