Dakota shaking

I have an ‘89 Dodge Dakota with a 3.9L V6. It has a vibration that seems to pulse the whole car at lower speeds, the harder I accelerate the less the vibration becomes. At highway speed, I dont’ feel it. When I slow to a stop, the vibration seems to shake from the front to the back like a dog shaking water from itself. It idles very smoothly and the vibration really doesn’t seem to be coming from the engine compartment. What could this be?

It could be many things, but you can rule out or in wheels and tyres by rotating the wheels front to back. If you don’t get a change, start moving in to the suspension.

I have had a several of vehicles with a shake that I bought used. If you have the shake under 10 mph then the problem is the tires. It has taught me to never buy a replacement tire other than Michelen.

That is arear wheel drive. The drive shaft could be worn or bent. Or U-joints worn.

Sounds like U joints to me, too. You can test by holding down on the brake and letting out on the clutch, first in forward, then shift to reverse. If the joints are bad you feel the movement of the drive shaft back and forth, or at least hear it. If this is the problem you can drop a shaft and find yourself in a dangerous situation.

Thanks for the info. I was worried it was something like that. This car is actually an automatic. Can I still perform this test?

Sure, just listen for a movement and clunking sound.