99 Dakota Fuel-level related shifting Issue?

Hello, I have a 99 Dodge Dakota; 3.9L V6, 2WD Automatic with 135K miles. The transmission shifts weird; the 1-2 shift takes place around 3500RPM’s and the subsequent shifts are relatively rapid. There is no ‘Check Engine’ light on and the most peculiar part about this is when the fuel light comes on the truck doesn’t want to shift (If the truck is currently running when the low fuel light comes on it will continue to shift until the vehicle has gone through an off/ on cycle). I have had many ideas on what the issue can be, i.e. valve body and Transmission Control Module, however I don’t believe either of the aforementioned parts would address the fuel/ shifting correlation. My thoughts are that the PCM is shorted, which could account for the lack of a thrown code and fuel/ shift correlation. Please let me know your thoughts and thanks!

Its really hard (impossible?) to guess about automatic transmissions these days. Or I suppose you can, but there’s not much point. It has to go on a scanner. If you have the right scanner along with someone who knows how to use it the check engine light being on or off won’t matter. Figure on buying an hour’s labor at your best locally owned, independent transmission shop.