2003 Dodge Dakota, transmission problems

Remember me, back in May, heres a recap:

My 2003 Dodge Dakota does not shift properly sometimes going into second gear and it only happens in second gear. I have to lift my foot off the accelerator for it to shift into third. If I don’t it just screams at a high RPM and sounds as if it is about to blow. It has a hard time making it up a small incline such as an off ramp. Truck will not shift properly when going up grade. Engine will rev at 4500-5000 rpm but will not shift until I slightly release the gas pedal. Truck will also perform multiple hard up shifts whether in cruise control or not in cruise control, going upgrade. Took the truck to the dealer reprogrammed the computer with a “flash update” that was no help. NOT ONCE HAS THE ENGINE LIGHT HAS EVER COME ON.

So a lot of the comments that were presented to me I have done. Here is a list:

  1. Changed govner senors and solenoid. Did not work.
  2. Checked for exhaust leaks and other leaks. No leaks.
  3. Checked all vaccuums. No problems there.
  4. Had engine checked and dyno tested. No problems there.
  5. Had transmission rebuilt. Same problem. (dealer did work)
  6. Had new transmission put in. Same problem. (dealer did work)

Also, sometimes when I put the truck in reverse, it seems to about to stall, but it doesn’t. It also does it sometimes when I put the truck in drive it seems that it wants to stall.

I just recently learned that my truck has a Transmission computer module, Transfer case computer module and of course the main computer. Is there a way to test those modules out? ANY SUGGESTIONS WILL BE GREAT!!! HELP!!!

Unfortunatly this is a widely known issue with all late model Mopars the TCM=transmission control moduals are a POS.

My advise take it to a repudable transmission shop NOT the stealership.

I am having the same problem with my 2003 Dakota. My boyfriend replaced governor solenoid, added new fluid, changed filter, and added transX. Worked one day and quit. We have 1st, then have to rev to 4100 rpms to by-pass 2nd and then let off the accelerator to get it to shift into 3rd. Had diagnostic run on tranny, said computer was telling the tranny to go into 2nd. Ha Ha, so how do you fix it?
I understand the pains jdb0722 went through, as we are doing the same now.

Just got a quote of $1575 to repair and a the name of a finance company they work with so I could possibly get it fixed, to that doesn’t sound very good too me. Also if anyone else has suggestions, por favor (please). This is driving us nuts!!!

I owned a 2002 Dodge Dakota until I sold it and bought a 2005 model about a year ago. My Dakota would not shift while going uphill without taking my foot off the accelerator. That was my fix for the problem. I checked a lot of Dakota forums and the prevailing thought from them was that this is normal because of the V6 model shift points. There was no problem on a level road. The shift points depend on rpm so if you want it to shift with your accelerator down then you are going to have a long wait…a very long wait if you have the 3.9 V6. I have no problems at all shifting uphill with my 2005 model 3.7 V6 since it has 35 more horsepower than the 2002 3.9 V6.