99 contour

The break lights on my contour will not turn off, even when I turn the car off. I have tried tampering with the pedal with no success. What can I do.

Since the brake light circuit is always hot, unplug the brake lamp switch to prove if it is bad within. ( brake pedal has two switches, 1 brake light, 1 speed control )

The next step is to look for short to ground.
Look inside at each bulb fillament to see if a broken one has leaned over to touch the other. ( if one brake light is brighter than the other start there )
Look at all the wires for any worn through.

The brake light switch is probably faulty or adjusted too close to the brake pedal.

Adjust or replace the switch. It’s not the pedal, it’s the switch that contacts the pedal.

thank you, this is my first time on this sight and it is awesome

how do i do that?

how do i check if my light switch on my breaks is fault or too close to the break pedal, my lights won’t go off.

Please take the car to a mechanic.

I have no money for a mechanic, so how can I turn my break lights off. They stay on even when the car is turned off, as of now I am just unhooking my battery every time I turn the car off. Please help me!

Where is the break lamp switch on a 99 Contour?

Get a flashlight. Crawl down underneath the dash in front on the driver’s side and check out the brake pedal. Move it up and down with your hand a bit and watch its movement. Follow up and down the lever and look for the switch - it should be a push-button like thing. It might be on top of the lever or on bottom. Play with it a little to understand how it works.

Look closely at it for anything that looks like it might be threaded to turn as an adjustment. Play with it a little to see if it adjusts.

If there is no way to adjust it then you need to replace the switch. Its not really that hard. Go to an auto parts store and buy one (probably not that much $$). Ask the person at the counter. Use common sense. Perhaps check in with the neighbor’s kid for help.

Got to Autozone’s website (www.autozone.com) - set up a userid - plug in your car’s info - go to vehicle repair guides into the brake section. It gives you the info for the brake switch. If you do need to replace it, it is a breeze.

Or just take it to a shop.

This reminds me of an incident that happened with my Supra two years ago. I parked my car in the driveway, and went to check the mail. I noticed that my brake lights were on. Instantly, I though of a bad brake light switch under the dash. What I found was the contact plate had lost a rubber disc that contacted the switch. They had a hole in the plate to retain the disc, and IT WAS THE SAME SIZE AS THE PLUNGER ON THE SWITCH!!! The plunger was just sticking through this hole! I was amazed! What a bad idea on an otherwise beautiful car! I fixed the problem with some JB Weld and a penny to cover the hole. You may have to do something just as creative depending on the problem.