Gas gage wont work


GMC Sierra 1500 truck…I took it in to have the fuel pump replaced, and they called and said the gas gage wont work…can anyone help with any information.


Was the gas gauge working before? Have they replaced the pump? When did they notice the gauge was not working. My guess is they may have damaged the gauge or maybe in your case the gauge and pump are a single using and the replacement had a bad gauge or they just knocked the wire off the gauge when they were doing the other work. What do they say?


Yes it was working before I took it in. They say it is nothing they have done, I know they are honest people…not sure what to do…he said he would call when they find something out.I have not picked it up yet.


Wait a minute!!!

For them to say they didn’t break anything is wrong. The sending unit is in the tank, right where they were working. They had to remove it to replace the fuel pump. I’ll bet the damaged the float arm when they were removing or installing it in the tank.

You better believe they did something to cause it.

I don’t care if they are good people, they made a mistake and should own up to it.

Willey, logged off again.