99 chevy blazer 2dr 4x4

The AC in my blazer has not worked since I bought it. I thought it just may need to be recarged so I went to recharge it and the compressor will come start spinning for about 2 sec and quit then spinn again for 2 sec and quit. It will keep doing this. Does this mean my compressor is bad or does it mean the clutch is bad?

Thank You

Those aren’t the only two pieces of the puzzle. Two pressure switches regulate the cycles and freon level must be correct , not just adding more.
A clogged orifice screen could make pressures act wierd and the residue clogging it could indicate a bad compressor. . . or not.
Old seals may have let freon leak out and your refill is incorrect. . . or not.

In other words it’s not quite that simple and needs checked by an a/c tech.

I guess I’ll take to a shop and see what they have to say. Thank you so much

Your Blazer is equipped with a compressor that is a known problem child. Your compressor likes to leak at the joint where the case halves join. Usually you can see a gray discoloration at the case half joint if they are leaking.

Rapid cycling is a sign of low charge.