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2004 Honda CRV aclower problem

Have had chronic problem with the acfan or blower all of a sudden stopping for 5 seconds or so and then starting up again. It can do this multiple times usually more prevelant early in the trip then gets better as time goes by. Had ac compressor and all replaced 9 months ago after it finally died altogether. Now the cutting in and out is happening again and I’m worried it will kill my new ccmpressor. Still under extended warrenty for another year and 20K. Service dept baffeled. They have tried to fix in past with fuses etc but no luck. Any ideas.

What does your blower cutting in and out have to do with the AC compressor? The blower just blows - that’s all - it blows whatever air is in the ducts. Heated air if the heat is on. Cold air if the AC is on. Or just whatever air is outside of the car.

The compressor is needed in the AC system to cool the air, but fixing or replacing it won’t solve any kind of blower problem. So perhaps you could give a better or clearer account of the history?

Intermittent blower operation is typical of a poor wiring connection (ground or fan connector), failing blower motor, or failing blower switch.

If this is covered by warranty, simply keep all records of your issue and attempts to address it. This keeps the problem under the category of their problem.

Thanks, that is helpful. I assumed (incorectly it appears) that when the blower stopped the compressor stopped as well. I had heard that turning the copmressor on and off was not good for the compressor. So perhaps my compressor going out last year was totally unrelated to the blower issue. Thanks for the info on possible problems that would make a blower malfucntion. I’ll have the dealer look into it. Again, thanks.

The next time the blower motor stops working, pull safely over, and with the handle of a screwdriver, reach under the passenger side of the dash and tap on the blower motor. If the blower starts working, replace the blower motor.