2002 Hyundai Accent - Looking for gas tank filter how to vid

need to know what the names of parts to replace gas tank filters and casing, as well as if there are any how-to videos.

How to Change Fuel Filter - Hyundai Accent - YouTube

Have a fire plan. My co-worker burnt himself up pretty good once while messing with a car’s fuel system at home in his garage.

I can see how a diy’er might get accidentally sprayed w/gasoline when working on fuel system, but how did it get ignited in that case? In any event, common sense says to do this sort of work away from buildings and have a big fire extinguisher known to work at the ready.

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He was an experienced engineer who was familiar with such risks, but he made a mental error. After he was sprayed by the fuel system when he disconnected a fitting, he thought, “Uh oh, I’m covered in gas. I better be careful and shut off this light.” He shut the light off, and he ignited somehow. At least that was the story I got. 3rd degree burns on one arm. Nasty.

In Minnesota, nobody pulls a vehicle out of the shop into -30 windchill temperatures to work on a fuel system.

Professional mechanics know how bleed the fuel pressure off before doing this type of work. :roll_eyes:


I would urge a lot of caution here. Someone who needs a video to change a fuel filter might be well advised to pay a professional to perform this task.