'98 VW Jetta Ocassionally Dies At Red Lights

My '98 VW Jetta ocassionally dies at red lights and doesn’t start up. I replaced my battery, ignition and had a complete tune up and it continues to happen. My VW Mechanic and I are stumped…

Doesn’t start up… do you have to do anything to make it start again, or do you simply wait it out? If so, how long before it starts again?

I’ve drift started it and popped the clutch but it also starts up after I wait it out.

So when it won’t start… you turn the key past Run to the Start position and the car does what? Turns over but doesn’t run? Nothing at all?

We need specifics.  Not starting is not specific.  When you try to start it what exactly do you do and what does it do.  In other words, when you turn the key to the start position what do you seen hear and feel? 

Also are there any lights on or are the dash instruments radio etc dead?

Sorry, here are more details…when it stalls out, I try to start and the starter is working and it’s so close but it just doesn’t want to do that final turnover to start the car. Althought once I get it started with coasting and popping the clutch, it starts just fine…weird…

I did finally get my car back from my mechanic and he replaced the ignition coil again and it seems to be running fine and it hasn’t stalled out yet…4 hrs. and counting.

We’ll see what tomorrow holds…