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1998 Jetta dies while driving!

We have a Jetta with approx 198,000 miles.Surprisingly, it has run well until now, but it keeps dying when it is on the road and the service shop we take it to has tried everything but can’t find the problem. The fuel pumps are okay, filters have been changed and it is warmed up before driving any distance. It is driving my daughter crazy - HELP!

Does it start easily or does one have to wait a while for it to start again. If the vehicle has a single ignition coil, and does not starts again for a while, I would sustpect that.

It does not start easily, and while it turns over - it doesn’t actually start until the 4-5 try. It bogs after starting and while driving, a few times it has died while giving it gas in 2nd and 3rd gear. The shop got a code for the ignition temp sensor and cleaned/re-wired it but that has not fixed the problem.
After it has the initial morning problems, it starts FINE for the rest of the day. The car is driven intermittently, and seems to do this mostly in the morning.