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1998 Toyota Corolla starter problems

My brother Neumann has a 1998 Toyota Corolla and it starts completely fine for a stretch of 3-4 weeks, then unpredictably it will not start. When it doesn’t there is no turnover or clicking noise. I don’t hear anything. Weather doesn’t seem to affect it either way and putting it in different gears (neutral, reverse, etc.) or holding down brake/gas pedal does not help. Lights, dashboard elements and windows work, but no starting. Battery is okay. Any diagnosis?

–Your help is appreciated

Check the battery connections first. Do you know how to use a voltmeter?

Check connections to the starter too.
Starter switch is another possibility at this age. Try wiggling the key.

Once connections are confirmed good, I bet it’s the contacts in the starter’s solenoid. This is a common problem with Toyota starters, once they’re 10+ years old. Happened to mine. The dealer sells replacement contacts, they’re easy to replace once you have the starter out.