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Starting problem

My Corolla 1999 started giving starting problem for the 2 weeks back, it started after multiple tries and pressing on accelarator, but now it just gone dead, ignition key is just going ticking. Battery was checked by one guy and he said its all good, the problem is internal. What would you percieve the problem is.

how old is the battery? Sometimes they can show 12 volts but drop when the starter is turned. But more important why is the car not starting up right away before you had this problem? Had a tune up lately? You should never need to use the gas when starting this car. That was the first problem.

“the problem is internal”

Internal to what?

What kind of “guy” checked the battery?

Cranking and not firing up (which sounds like your initial problem) is a different kind of problem not cranking (you problem now). So you now have two problems.

Will it start if you jump it from another car?

I’d have the battery tested by a different “guy.”

Internal meaning nothing to do with the battery or other inputs sources.
Battery was checked by the Walmart guy who replaced by Engine Oil.
I towed the car to the Mechanic and replaced the starter. the problem was fixed and does not need to accelerator to start. But I still feel the tuneup is required.

If you have a rapid ticking then it is because of insufficient voltage. Make sure your batt terminals and clamps are clean and greased so thie batt has a fair shot at charging iteslf properly…everyone overlooks this and is super common cause of these types of issues. Clean everything and grease the clamps and terminals then get a jump start and drive for 45 min- one hour…then try starting again…should be fine at that point if your alternator is in good order.