98 Saturn SL2 Ltransmission line pressure

I have a 98 Saturn SL2 that is giving me fits. The transmission filter keeps blowing. I replaced the line pressure solenoid, and checked the contact plate. Still happens. Fuses and all solenoids test good. What else am I missing?

Transmission cooler stopped up?

You might clarify the term “blowing”. I have a hard time seeing how a filter like this can blow up.

Seems like the fluid pressure is too high. Transmission fluid just blows out of the seal. The filter itself doesn’t blow up.

That’s why I replaced the transmission fluid pressure solenoid. Everything pointed me to that, but that didn’t fix it. I also replaced the trans fluid temp sensor as well, just in case…

Just checked the cooler lines. No issues there. Fluid moves through. Now I’m thinking I need to replace the entire valve body just to be sure? I could always just take it to the shop…