97 Saturn SW2 shifting problems

While driving my 97 Saturn SW2, the car couldn’t shift into a higher gear (out of 2nd). while pushing on the gas, the RPM’s would go higher but not shift. Also, the ‘Service Engine’ light came on. I don’t have a code reader. Luckily I was close to home. When it parked it, I noticed a leak under the car, in the front section of the engine. I’ve also noticed that the past few days when putting the vehicle into reverse, it lurches pretty hard when it catches (as in, it jerks the car back suddenly). What could be the problem(s)? Should I drive this to the mechanic or have it towed?

Sorry, forgot to mention that it’s definitely automatic transmission fluid leaking. light red. checked the stick and it’s dry as a bone now

So I guess the answer to your question is to have it towed, but it’s probably going to cost more to repair than the car is worth.

My daughter had trans problems inn her saturn, towed to a shop, new fluid and filter 3 years ago solved everything, 02 with 35k mikes inherited from grandma.

Does this vehicle provide a way (dipstick etc) to check the transmission fluid level?

Sounds like the filter may have come loose/unscrewed and is leaking fluid. Try to tighten the filter, then add fluid to the proper level and take it for a drive.

Good news everyone! Turns out that the filter failed, resulting in all the fluid leaking out so the transmission couldn’t work. New filter with fluid and a final look over from a mechanic and she’s working like she did before. So glad it wasn’t the transmission.

Although I think the car is trying to tell me something. with 206,000 miles and almost 20 years old, I think she’s about ready to retire. Thanks all for the help and advice.

@bassman83 Congratulations!

If the filter was the only problem, and the car’s otherwise rust-free, safe and in good mechanical shape, I’d try to get a few more years service

After all, the car’s paid up, and a new car and/or payments aren’t cheap