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my 96 saturn sl2 automatic transmission is having problems shifting. 1500 rpm for 1st gear to shift, and last is always about 3500.

Has that changed or has it always been like that? When was the last time the transmission fluid was changed?

well it has not done it before. thing is we put another tranny in it. the other one threw a gear through the transmission bell housing. this tranny was used from a junk yard. and we put it in like 2 weeks ago. run great. now the shifting problem come up… we changed the fluid in it yesterday. but we also put fluid in it when we put it in. so thats 2 transmission fluid changes. haha anyway. have no idea and if im going to have to pull that tanny again im gonna junk the car. i already rebuilt the motor and pulled the tranny twice. so please tell me thats not whats wrong…:frowning: thanks. oh and one other thing. what will make it idle high??? i changed the throttle position sensor… still the same. idles at 1500 rpm. this was gpoing on before the tranny problem.

i have a 95 eagle talon esi. when im driving the car will jump almost like its losing power but lights are still on on the dash. sometimes it will even cut off. i have to restart it. but it will take a second for it to fire up. i put new coil pack, plugs, wires, not the problem. no check engine light is on. someone told me that it could be the fuel pump, never had one ever go out on me so i dunno how that works. if thats the case, should the check engine light come on??? also someone told me it could be the map sensor, but i unplugged it and it sounded like itwas choking and cut off. so i dont think thats it? is it? please help me if u can. i realy like this car and have some stuff coming in the mail to up the performance. but then this mess. thanks.