98 S10 fuel delivery/security sys?

HELP! Vehicle starts after battery disconnect - 1 hr approx.? will not restart. Cranks, kicks off, then shuts down. Have I diagnosed this correctly. No-obd2 available. What’s next? I’m in the Virgin Islands; technical help limited. Can I override the fuel shut-off?

You might be able to overide the fuel cutoff but the system also disables the ignition system.

If the security system module doesn’t send the proper signal the computor shuts down the fuel and ignition system so it is not easy to bypass. In fact I have tried to by pass the system and haven’t had any luck doing so.

In order to get the vehicle running I have had to diagnose and repair the security system fault.

Thanks Willey, in your experience, has the fault been in the ignition switch or somewhere further down the line? Does the obd2 locate the fault?