Simple Chevy s10 ignition problem?



OK I went out to leave this morning and my 2001 chevy s10 wouldn’t start. But there was something going on. There was a bit of activity on the instrument panel even when the key wasn’t in the ignition. The fuel and temp gage would climb slightly and then drop down, accompanied by a clicking noise under the dash. I got the truck jumped and it runs fine, at least the mechanical part of the truck. There’s nothing wrong with how it drives but the gages are going nuts. When I’m at idle there’s nothing happening but when I begin moving the gages all light up as if the car is being started then they run for about a half a second the way they are supposed to. After that they all act like I’m starting the car again. So it’s this constant lighting up of the gages. The radio is also affected and cuts out just as the gages jump to life. Again, the truck drives fine BUT I got it home and it won’t start again. And it’s acting like it was when I first got in it with the the fuel and temp gage climbing slowly and then dropping back down accompanied by some clicking under the dash. Also of note, while the truck was running but in park a I revved the engine to see if the gages would react but there was nothing. It only happens when I’m rolling. I’m thinking an ignition problem? Any thoughts? I’m really in a bind and hoping I can fix this myself it seems like such a specific problem but I don’t want to just guess at parts to buy. Any help is greatly appreciated.


All of these are symptomatic of voltage dropping out. You may have a corroded/loose battery cable or terminal, a blown fusible link, or even a bad battery…possibly brought on by a bad alternator.