98 Plymouth breeze automatic

As I have been going speeds of 60-65mph, all of a sudden it acted like I downshifted or as if I slammed on the brakes. The rpms stay up, and it lasts just a second and continues fine. It almosts acts like something is catching. I had a mechanic replace the rotor and front brakes thinking that was the problem but it did it again this morning. A different mechanic thinks it could be the drive shaft and cv joints although everything is tight and the cv boots aren’t cracked or anything. Any help would be appreciated, or if anyone knows of known problems with these cars.

Sounds more like a transmission problem. Is your OD light on? CEL on?

Sounds like you are loosing Overdrive. You can try turning off the OD and see if it happens without it engaged.

Or if it senses a transmission problem, it will throw you into limp mode which is second gear. Designed to allow you to get home or to a mechanic without having to be towed, but in second gear only. You should have the trans scanned for trouble codes or checked out by a transmission shop.

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You sent me:

“no lights come on”

As mentioned above, the transmission control module could still be going into limp mode. It needs to be scanned for codes.