'98 Nissan Sentra intermittent shuddering

When I brake the car acts as if I forgot to hit the clutch, but it’s in automatic. Happens after I have driven about a mile and usually stops (but not always) after the car has been driven for a while. If I slow way down before braking, it may not happen at all, but that’s not always possible in traffic. It’s worst when I have to stop hard and suddenly due to some idiot changing lanes or stopping without signaling or whatever. My mechanic has checked it over and over, but can’t duplicate my experience when he’s in the car. ANY SUGGESTIONS as to the cause and/or seriousness of this problem and where to find a solution would be appreciated.

Are your brake lights working?

All the lights are working at the moment, except the display lights on the gear box. However, we have had the odd electrical malfunction in the past, also intermittent.

It sounds like the locking Torque Converter Clutch is not unlocking when you come to a stop. The reason tardis mentioned brake lights is that it is likely that the Power Control Module uses that signel to send a command to unlocking TCC. If the the brake lights are working, a transmission technician will have to look into why the PCM is not unlocking the TCC. It is possible that the solenoid valve that actually switches the oil pressure is getting stuck even though the PCM is commanding the action. Someone who can scan the Nissan PCM and can troubleshoot the situation is needed.

Hope that helps.