09 lancer alignment

My 09 lancer pulls to the left even after alignment what are some of the reason its still pulling and when i apply the brakes it also pulls to the left… i am in need of some advice?

You definitely need advise. Maybe your left brake drags and your right brake caliper is frozen stuck. Best to stop guessing and have a mechanic look at it.

You are in need of a better alignment shop–one that can either do a proper alignment or figure out what other situation is leading to that problem.

In addition to the reality that some shops just don’t do good alignment jobs (whether because of equipment that hasn’t been calibrated since the Eisenhower Administration or because of a technician who just isn’t competent), the problem could be the result of unevenly-worn tires, or a defective tire, or worn/damaged front-end parts.

A good alignment shop will listen to your description of the problem, test-drive the car in order to verify the problem, and then figure out how to resolve the problem.

Are your tires wearing unevenly? If your brakes pull to the left, it could be the caliper pins on left need greasing. This would explain always pulling and braking.

Thanks much for the advice!!!

One idea easy thing to do is feel the wheels after a drive to see if the wheels on one side (e.g. the driver’s side) are getting hotter than the other. If so, that would indicate the brakes may be dragging. Be careful, as the wheels can get super hot if the brakes drag.

If you were given a printout of the alignment specs you might note the numbers related to camber and caster especially. Both left and right sides should be close numerically and also with the plus/minus.

Other reasons could be chassis flaws (accidents, curb strikes, worn parts) or a tire bias which can occur even with brand new tires. Regarding the latter, swapping the 2 front tires from side to side may correct this (mask if you prefer) or cause the car to pull the other direction; all depending.

Another cause can be a engine shifted in its cradle.

yeah,What everyone said B4 Me.Or the sub frame itself is moved, or something is bent.I’ve seen directional tires cause this,did you rotate tires recently?W/directionals the arrow should show rotation of the tire as if the car was rolling forward.In alignment the toe should be pointing a tiny bit inward.