Steering pull

05 subaru foresterX, has a ghost like pull to the right, sometime worst that others.even on apposite road crowns.

multiple front end aligns, right ball joint, new tires, altered tire presure side to side, has all ben done plus.

a hard car to relax and travel in.

please help. Mike choate from Chicago

Four wheel alignment? Have any of the tires impacted a curb or parking block rather heavily? If that, or in an accident, the frame could could be bent.
If the steering gear has ever been disconnected, to work on something, it could have been put back on and not indexed correctly. This can result in the steering mechanism not being in its centered position. This puts a bias on the steering, and making the other adjustments to the steering (tie-rods, wheels) won’t remove the bias. Some mechanics, and alignment specialists, will understand what I’m talking about.

I didn’t see brake calipers.

Just to get this straight, if you go to a shopping mall parking lot on Sunday morning and take your hands off the wheel, you’ll be going in a circle. If you apply brakes without your hands on the wheel, you’ll still keep going in a circle.

The way to tell if this has happened is to drive the car straight ahead then stop and count the turns of the wheel to the left and right to reach the stops. They should be the same from side to side.

all of this info. is great. have done the parking lot trick, it tends to the right, and would be a big circle.

brakes have been checked, I will try the right/left drill. Could I have a unbalanced power to wheel issue, the full time all wheel drive is magic on the slippery stuff, BUT! has an odd feel otherwise.

no accidents, no curbs. ( maybe i should confir with the wife on the latter)

thanks M C

Swap the front tires side to side…Any difference? Now try swapping the rear tires side to side…

After driving several blocks WITHOUT braking, apply the brakes firmly. Did the car momentarily pull left or right?? (That’s a stuck caliper)