98 Jeep Cherokee drivers side door lock actuator

I can get to the power actuator but cannot figure out how to remove and replace it. Help?

A good place to start might be getting a service manual for the car. Those usually prove worth their weight in gold over time.

Anyway, the first step in replacing in in-door accessory is inevitably the removal of the inner door panel, done by removing the any visible bolts and the ones hiding behind cosmetic plugs. Next, slide a trim removal tool, standard screwdriver or 1" scraper between the inner door panel and the metal of the door, and slide it along, prying out at each retaining clip to free the panel from the door. Don’t forget to unscrew the lock popper before you remove the panel.

Next, it’s a matter of determining how the lock was installed at the factory and working backwards. That’s usually the fun part, especially on a Chrysler product!