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98 honda wont start

daughters honda was cutting out while driving. now wont start. checked all fuses, relays,battery voltage, rotor, -removed plugs car has compression. charged battery and turns over but wont’t start. can it be the computer?

You need to get the basics down first. Does it have spark? Does it have fuel? These models have a main fuel relay under the dash on the drivers side. Did you check that? It can be intermittent when it gets warmed up. If you have spark then shoot some starter fluid in the plenum and see if it starts. If it does check the fuel pump pressure and the fuel filter. If the fuel system checks out then replace the main fuel relay.

Does the engine crank at all? or nothing when you turn the key?
If it stalled, then it has to be a system that is required to run the engine, not the starting system.
If it cranks, check the fuel pump, you should hear the whirring sound in the gas tank as you turn the key on, and when cranking the engine. Maybe have someone turn the key as you lay next to the car. if it cranks, and the fuel pump is working, check the coil. You can simply pull the plug wire and lay it or hold it close to grounded metal and have someone crank the engine.

It has spark the plugs fire and there is compression . the car turns over but won’t start . the battery has enough voltage. And it is getting fuel. We thought computer board or distriburtor…or I have been seeing alot of things on the board saying the 1998 had a bad ignition plug mine was replaced in 2003 per honda but they did say it could go again… I will definitely try the main fuel relay thanks for the tip