Honda won't start - has sparks, fuel

Honda Civic 98 won’t start. Checked that spark plugs have sparks. Fuel pumped up.

What else can be wrong? What else should I check?

I have jump started the Honda. So it should not be the battery problem.
I checked another thread: 99Toy 4Runner will not start, clicking sound. It has answer like this:
I had this problem on my Toyo V6, and it was the contacts in the starter solenoid. It’s an easy fix if you have basic tools - pull the starter, take off the solenoid, replace the 3 contacts (2 are on the sides, the other is the large disc with the rod attached). They’re a dealer item, but should only cost about $30-$40. If you don’t feel competant to do this, any shop (doesn’t need to be a dealer) can do this, or replace the starter if you prefer. Of course, double check that it’s not the battery or battery connections first.

Is this correct answer?

What’s happening when you try to start? I assume it turns and turns but doesn’t ‘catch’? if this is the case it’s not the starter.
If your on the east coast, there a lot of pumps running very low right now hence there a lot of water contamination.

If we know more of what problem the Toy driver had, we would have more of an idea of what your Honda has, or, doesn’t have. You didn’t leave the Web address so that we could go there and ask him; so, we’ll have to ask you direct: What problem are you having with the Civic; and, what happened when you jump started/attempted to jump start the car? As it is right now, all you’ve said is, “My car doesn’t start. I attempted a jump-start, and…” And WHAT?

I’m not a Honda guy, but the Honda folks here have often pointed to a “main relay” (if I have that correct) under the dash that’s prone to fail and cause no-start conditions. I’m assuming that one or more key circuits go through its contacts.

Honda guys???

Is the main relay issue still a problem in '98 cars? I’ve only seen it in older Hondas.

That said, this doesn’t look like a main realy problem. The main relay powers the fuel pump and the injectors. The fact he has fuel means that his fuel pump (and therefor the fuel-pump part of the main relay) is working. If the injectors were failing it should throw a code. I would hope he would have mentioned if his check engine light was on.

"I have jump started the Honda. So it should not be the battery problem."
This statement doesn’t make sense. If you jump started it, it certainly could be a battery problem. It could also be a bad alternator that led to the battery problem.