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Batttery/Alternator issue

I have a 2006 Honda Accord. It has been running great, starting without a problem. This morning I went out, turned the key and the lights came on in the car, but when I tried to start the car, all I got was clicking. I know I did not leave anything on last night, no doors open. My Husband and I tried to charge the battery, and it would start charging - then the indicator on the charger would go to green, indication the battery was charged --but it still won’t start. My husband left the battery charger on for 2 hours, and finally got it started and backed out of the garage, but when he shut it off and tried to start it again, it wouldn’t start. Anyone else have this issue? Do you think this is the battery, starter, wiring, or all three?

It certainly sounds like the battery, and it is probably only the battery. Your battery charger is saying that it is. Many auto stores will test the battery for you. I’d replace the battery and see how it goes from there.

This assumes that you verified that the connections to the battery are good, clean, and tight.

The first thing I would do is just pull all of the connections and clean them up - that includes the connections at the starter.

If that doesn’t help you can pull the battery and take it to an auto parts store to have it tested. If the car can be driven there, many will test it and then install a new battery for free if that is what is called for. If the car can’t be driven there it is not hard to install this yourself and the auto parts store will take the old battery for recycling.

As the others stated the trouble is most likely due to a bad connection to the battery. Remove the battery connections and clean them with a battery post cleaning brush. If that doesn’t solve the trouble then make sure the battery is ok and have it tested. If the battery is original it is getting to the age it can start to have trouble. If that is ok then you need to make sure the safety switch to the starter solenoid is ok. Try starting the engine with the shifter in the neutral position and see if that gets you going. If so, the safety switch is the cause of the trouble.