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98 Dodge Caravan

cruising along at 60 mph, car stalls i put it in neutral pull to the side of the road turn off the ignition car will not start. turn key off for a few seconds turn back on car will not start, leave key on slam hood very hard, turn all electrical off radio, ectra turn key off, turn key on car starts, what is wrong?

I had a 97 3.0 that gracefully stalled @ random. This didn’t generate any codes. It would start back up after a minute or 5. Changed crank position sensor for about 35 bucks and 30 minutes myself. Hasn’t stalled in 20k miles since. Good luck.

The hood slam makes me think there’s a loose connection, possibly a battery cable or a wire in the ignition system.

Check all connections, including grounds.

Does the Check Engine Light come on?