Caravan stalls, won't start for a while

1997 base Caravan, 4-cyl automatic, ~180K miles. Every couple of weeks (average) the engine stalls (cuts out abruptly); sometimes restarts itself after a few seconds, sometimes not. If not it cranks with no sign of catching; after some time (up to 15 minutes, but sometimes just after a few tries in a row) it starts and runs fine. (Sometimes the starting problem is seen when the car has been parked for a few minutes; “solution” is the same.) If there’s a pattern at all it is that the problem tends to occur when the car is partially warmed up - perhaps 15-20 minutes after a cold start.

Crank sensor was replaced to fix a different stalling problem but didn’t help this intermittent one. Have put in new ASD and fuel pump relays as these are cheap; no help. Suggestions, for fix or further diagnosis?

Buy a spark plug test light, they are cheap, and when it won’t start. Pull a plug wire and put it in place between the wire and plug. If it doesn’t light up, your problem is electrical, if it does, it is fuel. Then post back.

My guess is a fuel pump on the way out. Check the electrical first.