Delayed Stalling

1990 Dodge Caravan stalls after 40 minuets of driving. After 5 minuets it would start up. The driving can be either freeway or city streets. This vehicle has only 70K miles. (Usually only to go to church on sundays & around town!)

It is an automatic with a V6.

Does it do it every time?  Does it do it more often or sooner when it is hotter outside?  

You might try and check for spark the next time it stops.  You can buy a spare spark plug and when it happens remove the wire from one of the plugs and put that spare on it and while holding the threads of the plug tightly against the engine block have someone turn the engine over.  If you see a nice blue spark it is OK and I would then look at the fuel pump.  

BTW, You need to hold that spark plug with a well insulated tool or you could get a nasty shock.  You may want to try this once at home to get the idea of what it should look like.  It works best when it is dark outside.

The plug wires seem to be in good shape (less than 2K/ft) I will check for spark. Since it runs well otherwise, I was thinking electronics or fuel filter. Will look at the fuel pump.
(I know about the “nastys” with spark plugs! Ever poke around a running engine with bad plug wires?)

And Yes, every time! It does not appear to happen sooner in hot weather.

That would help point towards the coil or what ever that dodge uses for a coil.

Since I had a similar problem with a Taurus, i was wondering what the hot weather might indicate?
sorry to butt- in on your post, hpvbill. Good luck. I put a new fuel pump on my taurus and it cost almost $900.

I had a similar trouble in my 97 3.0 Grand Caravan se. A crank position sensor (cps) ended up fixing it. Replaced myself in about 30 min for about 36 bucks with a Haines manual. Good luck