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98 Camry v6 jerks at low rpm when engine is cool (and only when in gear)

I have an automatic 98 Camry v6 with 176k miles. In the last thousand miles or so it started jerking when the engine was cool, and at low rpm (usually only when at a light or stop sign). If I put it into neutral or park, it doesn’t jerk. Once the engine it warmed up, it doesn’t jerk at all.

My garage said they thought it was a miss and they replaced the plugs and wires. This made the problem much better, but it still occasionally jerked (although now only at the above mentioned conditions, and if the ambient temperature was below 55 degrees or so). Suspecting one of the valves might be gunked up, they put in a couple cans of an additive (I don’t know which one) to try to clean it up. I’ve gone through two tanks/cans now, and the problem appears to have returned to how it was pre-new wires and plugs. My garage is well-regarded and one of the higher-ranked ones in the area on this website (for whatever it’s worth).

Any suggestions on how to proceed would be appreciated.

You should have the transmission checked for fluid leaks and there is a solenoid somewhere that regulates the flow of tran fluid. Apparently on Automatics and standards… Though I just did a search. Wherein it only happens while the trans is cool and as you mentioned not in drive. So as the trans fluid is warming up the symptom goes away. You should also be aware that your tranny might require factory trans fluid and have that verified!

That’s a good thought. Any chance it’s the injectors, fuel filter or idle air control? A few similar situations on the interweb have returned those suggestions.