Transmission shifting slightly jarring in '99 Camry

I just bought a '99 Camry… and it is great… but it seems the transmission sometimes shifts a little rough. It’s not real bad… but it seems a little worse than it should be. Also, at highway speeds… I’ve noticed sometimes the car jolts a little bit - it feels like it changed a gear or something… but it hasn’t. I don’t know if this is related or not but it definitely feels like it is coming from the transmission.

Supposedly the car recently had the transmission serviced.

Just wondering if this might be something simple or not.


I wonder who serviced it? What did they do, why was it serviced and most important did they service it to Toyota specs?

I would consider taking it to a good LOCAL (not chain) transmission shop and seeing what they say. I would also be tempted to have the fluid and filter changed (not flushed) and make sure the fluid meets Toyota specs, It seems to me they have their own unique fluid and using something else is not a good idea.

Depending on the mileage, maybe the trans was hurting and someone serviced the transmission in an attempt to cure the problem. It did not work so they decided to unload the car.

Maybe the problem is a bad engine or transmission mount. Have a transmission shop check the mounts and scan the car if the mounts are good.

It could also be a drivability problem (Bad plug or plug wire). Dont condemn the transmission just yet, that could get very expensive…