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Seatbelt will not release

87 Camaro IROC. I bought this car new. 15 yrs ago while buckling my daughter in the passager front seat I pushed the in with the buckle upside down. I can not get it to release now. Any ideas? I remember betting a service notice say that I should bring my car to have the seatbelts replaced. I never did.

My 1999 Kia had a seat belt recall on it as well. The work was never done on it until 2007, they took care of it as per the recall.

If that is similar to your service notice, you might be able to go to a dealer and get that taken care of. You can find out if it is a recall at:

As far as I understand it, if your vehicle was recalled for some work there is no expiration to that recall so technically you should be able to get that seat belt work done to it.

In regards to getting your seat belt to release I am sure another poster can provide some insight to that.

Thanks, I’ll call the dealer…

Check your warranty. My 84 S-15 came with a LIFETIME warranty on the Seatbelts. Some companies are still offering this. If you’re the original owner…and it was offered then…you should be covered.