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98 Blazer with dead transmission

I’ve got an automatic 98 Blazer with push button 4-wheel drive. I’ve owned it since 04 and I’m the second owner. It’s sitting just under 200K on the mileage. I’ve not babied the car, but I’ve kept it up to date on general maintenance (ie if I did body damage or a part went out, I fixed it, but I’ve not taken any pains with cleaning and it’s got some window scratches from Katrina - but no water damage).

On my way back from KY at Thanksgiving last year the first two gears went out of the transmission in Nashville. My fiance was driving and managed to power shift and get it all the way back to Atlanta. It’s not moved out of the driveway since because I got fed up (I was replacing enough parts on the thing annually to make a new car payment anyway) and bought a new car. The dealership only wanted to give me $500 on tradein, so I kept it. Now I’ve finally got time to try and get rid of it, and I’m wondering if I should try and sell it privately or give in an just sell it for junk. There are some brand new parts on this puppy so I’d hate to see it go for scrap if I can make a few more dollars off of it, but I also need to move it in a reasonable period of time. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

In reality, 500 dollars is about the maxium the vehicle is worth and that comment is very very arguable. Twelve years old, 200k miles, and with a fried transmission I’m amazed the dealer even offered you 500. You should have taken it.

Rather than part it out you might consider listing it on Craigslist in your area and see what happens. It’s easier to get rid of it in one hunk than many pieces.
Speaking for myself, if I were looking for a fixer-upper 98 Blazer there is no way I would give 500 for this one and I’m a mechanic by trade. However, you might get someone on the line who has a bad enough itch that they will pony up on this vehicle.

Donate to your local charity and take the tax deduction.