1995 chevy blazer

My mother has a 1995 blazer with 111,000 miles on it. For about 4 years she has said that it sometimes dies on her when she goes to take off. I borrowed the truck last week and when I went to take off the truck just revved but wouldn’t move. I told her about this and she said that what she meant about it quitting on her. I told her there is a big difference between something quitting and not moving. Seems dangerous to me.

You need to check the transmission fluid - level, color, odor. Then it needs to be looked at by a locally owned, independent transmission shop.

Assuming it’s an automatic, when was the last time a pan drop and filter change were done? Occasionally my 2000 Blazer’s (116k) transmission slips a little from a rolling start, never from a standing start. Pan drop and filter changes were done every 35 to 40k miles.

Consider having it checked out by an independent (not chain) transmission specialist. If transman618 posts, take his comments as gospel.

Ed B.

the fluid looks good, she also said that chevrolet sent her a recall notice and she put it in the glove box and forgot about it. have not seen it so i don’t know what it said.