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Chevy Blazer 2001 2 door, should I sell or keep

I’m getting a divorce and I acquired the Blazer in the divorce agreement. I live in California and would rather have a small car but I’m sure it will cost me more money either to buy a used or trade in the Blazer… it is an ok car gets 19 miles a gallon which is bad, rather have better than that. Just need opinions as to if it is really worth the hassle and pain to find another car to own. I really can’t afford car payments and the only reason I like the Blazer is that it is comfy. I think it has some issues with stuff that might need to get fixed shortly also.

About How Many Miles Do You Drive Per Year, Or Month, Or Week ? This Needs To Be Factored Into Poor Gas Mileage.

Also, it may be worth spending a few bucks to get the car completely checked out by a professional mechanic and a list compiled of things that need immediate attention or future attention and approximate costs that go with each item. Otherwise you don’t know exactly what you’re working with and neither do we.

Do you know of any specific repairs/maintenance needed at this time ? About how many miles on it ?

With information as mentioned above, a better decision whether to keep or sell can be made. Otherwise it’s just guessing.


I have just a little over 114k miles on it… I have been driving it back and forth from Oregon to California 600+ miles a couple times a year. It had a heater core issue that still is only patched with the mixture that you put in the radiator. We replaced the fuel pump about 3 months ago. I’ve been having issues with the service engine light coming on and it was tested for fuel emissions was the problem code. I just had it smogged today and it passes so don’t know about the code. I just moved down here to Calif and planning on getting a job soon, not yet though. I kind of feel a little self conscious about the miles per gallon issue and would like to be a little more earth friendly.

I have a 2000 Blazer 4wd with 115k miles. 19 mpg is really good for a Blazer. I’m lucky to get 18-19 mpg in the summer. Is it 2wd or 4wd drive, 2wd will have less issues.

Once it got past 80k miles, it’s been averaging one major repair a year, last year was the radiator, hoses, and thermostat. I installed the radiator so the cost was much less (~250 in parts). This year was the starter at for about $375 parts and labor. The engine and trans are solid at 115k miles.

If you want to be earth friendly keep driving the vehicke you have. It’ my opinion (to be taken with a grain of salt) that the construction of a new car is more harmful to the earth than keeping an old car running (within reason).

Has the intake manifold gasket been replaced at any point. The gasket on my 2000 Blazer was replaced in 2004 about one year after I bought it.

Good luck,

Ed B.

Ed B.

I’m almost thinking the same… it is a 2wd… I don’t think the intake manifold gasket has been replaced. Thanks

Don’t worry about the intake gasket if the truck is running well. I’d keep it at least until you get established in your new home. It’s one less thing to worry about, and a very big thing at that. Until you get the new job, you won’t know how far your commute is or even if you need the Blazer for the commute. You can feel self-conscious when you can afford to do it. Consider it a luxury that you may look into later.

And to make you feel better, to get in touch with a possible significat new other, or just hang out with a gang of friendly folks who share your earth friendly attitude, get a mountain bike, and use if for all short commutes to stores etc.

I have done my fair share of S-Blazer work. Some things to look for (besides a leaking battery) are window regulator trouble, intermittent module for wipers (called a pulse module) GM Dexcool issues,multifunction switch failure (headlight switch) raido/CD issues,power seat issues and issues with seat recliner mechanism,big one is a leaking AC compressor (very common)hood latch cables like to become disconnected and it is a battle to get the hood open.

To get an idea on other potential issues find a way to log on a site that can show you GM Technical Service Bulletins for your car.

I never could get used to the closed in feeing from the two door model.

Other common issues are ball joints and the plumbing for the oil filter relocator leaking. I don’t know if the relocator was used on 2wd models, but were definitely used on all 4wd’s. These happen as the vehicle ages, so they are just common wear items. Some people consider these trucks to be junk, but the problems they do have are common, across the board, and usually cheaper to fix than similar problems on other vehicles. Given the opportunity, I would own an S10 Blazer of that era because I know what to expect out of them, how to fix them, and, frankly, I like them. I also agree that the greenest thing to do is to keep your current car rather than buying a new one. As an example, Cash for Clunkers was, in my opinion, a criminal waste of resources and not the least bit green.

Thanks for the response, sounds good. After looking at prices for cars and mileage, not knowing what kind of condition I would be expecting at the price I can afford I am keeping the Blazer, especially after all the time it took to smog and get it registered from Oregon to Calif, I think it was more of a stress factor due to divorce.

My soon to be ex was meticulous with the maintenance and would grease the ball joints and yeh he was used to dealing with Chevy’s and that is why he bought it… I just need to maintain it. I was looking at the tires one day and was thinking I can’t even afford to replace one tire since I’m hardly getting anything for unemployment. But that time will come later, hopefully I will get a job due to shear luck here in Calif with the millions of others seeking work. Thanks for the advice… I have always been good with my keeping up on maintenance on my vehicles by myself, but I have always had small economy cars.

I advise to trust your senses, what I mean is if you hear a noise then take some action, even if it is asking a girlfriend to go for a ride with you and confirm that yes there is a noise. Keep an eye on the pavement under the car where it is parked, if there are spots, check this out. Not every leak needs to be fixed but evey leak needs to be evaluated. If those tires look like the wear is not even, believe yourself and seek a second opinion about how serious the issue is. Better way to say it: always keep aware of a change in how your car sounds or drives.