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'98 Accord tick sound front driver side

I have this rather tick, tick, tick type sound coming from the front driver side of my Honda Accord, 1998, with 149K miles. It’s a very fast tick, tick sound. It doesn’t happen all the time but seems to be happening more often. Especially when I first start up the car and drive. Seems to go away after I drive for awhile. Any thoughts on what it might be?

Is it regardless of if the car is in idle or driving or does it just happen while the car is in motion.

If it is only while the car is in motion then is sounds like you have a bad axle.

I hear it when the car is in idle or when it’s moving.

I had that just happen to me. After I replaced the left boot axle the clicking stopped.

CV joints don’t click when the car is stationary.

Are the valves manually adjustable on this car? Check your maintenance schedule.

My '97 Accord requires valve adjustment every 30K miles. Incorrectly adjusted valves can make a rapid “tick, tick, tick” sound, especially when the engine is cold.

Does the tick increase with engine speed? Assuming it does, you may need a valve adjustment. It could also be caused by the v-tec linkage.

If its the valves, a tick may not be all that bad. It means the valve lash is a little greater than it should be, but the only thing really affected is the engine power is slightly reduced. Usually as an engine ages, the valve lash gets tighter. If it closes up completely, then the valves begin to burn.

If you haven’t had the valves checked in a while (at least 30k miles), then you should have them checked.

Yes it is your valves… Textbook