97maxima no lights on dash no start no noise

i was late to work so i was in such a Rush and i stalled out in my parking spot i forgot to turn the ignition switch all the way back so that everything else was off being in such a hurry i came back after my 5hr shift and found the ignition switch still turned half way and no lights or noise or anything when i tried to start the car so my first thought was the battery but i took that to autozone and they said its got 12.5 volts in it which should b enough to start it up so i got it charged anyways cleaned the battery posts and tried again with the same result my headlights r still bright and my inside lights come on when i open the door so im thinking ignition switch but i just bought the one i have because the old one got rounded out by the bad tooth in the ignition please help im lost oh yeah my ignition switch and everything under my steering colum is out in the open because turn the ignition switch with my key. literally

Did this on phone srry i messed upthe first time

So, the key came out with the switch still “on”? Sounds like a bad switch.

What do u mean by switch like ignition switch? I was driving it eversince i got it with out the key in the ignition i just turn the ignition switch to start it and its good to go

Apparently, not so good to go now.

If your lock cylinder is broken and you don’t need a key, the switch can be in any position. I would replace both the cylinder and the switch.

For others’ info, how the ignition switch “in the open” can be turned directly by the key:

Agree with @knfenimore.

but see that’s the thing I don’t use the lock cylinder I keep it open to pull the switch out and turn it manually with the screwdriver or My key I never even use the lock cylinder so how it could be broken? Or hire could it effect the car from. Starting

Get a new switch and report back.

Hmmmm now I see. the problem is the driver. Why would you

keep it open to pull the switch out and turn it manually with the screwdriver or My key
if there wasn't a problem with the cylinder? The only reason I can think of is the key wouldn't work in the cylinder anymore. So you hatchet jobbed the thing.

I got a new switch plugged it in turn ignition switch and got the same thing

And pvtpublic the problem with the cylinder is when you put the ignition switch and install it correctly and tightly no matter how tight you put it when you put the key in and turn it it doesn’t turn the ignition switch like it should to start it only to turn the electicity on so instead of buying $100 cylinder I just keep it out so I can manually turn it myself

When you cycle the ignition switch from off to on to start, certain dashboard lights turn on/off as you do this. When the car was new I mean. Are all these dash lights turning on and off correctly as you go through that cycle?

We’re assuming you’ve checked the fuse to the switch, right? Get a voltmeter and see it any of the switch posts show 12V.

As @insightful stated, you need to check the voltage on the white wire going to the switch. That wire should have 12 volts on it at all times and ties to a fuse in panel under the hood. If there is a bad wire connection going to the ignition power it will cause the trouble you are having.

When i turn it through the cycle i get no lights on the dash board no radio but my interior lights do come on along with the headlights I will get back to you when i check it with the volt meter

The interior lights and possibly the headlight circuits also don’t use the ignition switch circuit. Now if the headlights turn off with the ignition then there may be other trouble. The ACC position of the switch needs to be checked for power also while in the switch is in RUN position. If the switch has power going to the proper positions then you need to check the dash fuse panel and the wiring to it.

Put the key in and turn the key clockwise ONE click only. This should be the “Run Position” and the dash lights should cycle while the computer does the pre-start tests. In this position the radio should have power as well as all the lights.
Turning the key one more position clockwise all these will lose power so all available power can be used to turn the starter and for the ignition coils, wires and spark plugs.

Is that what is happening???

Here are diagrams of your ignition switch. There is a 30 amp fuse listed as “h” that provides power to the switch.

@Yosemite, your suggestion of turning the key, “one click only” reminds me of a line in a movie where the person (who in the past went by the name of Bond) commanded for, “one ping only”. I’m not familiar with the OPs switch operation but some switches go to the ACC position on the first position. I get your idea though for the testing.