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2005 nissan maxima not starting

I have a 2005 nissan maxima that won’t start. I have a new starter and battery. When I turn the key everything in the car comes on except for the car (it also makes no sound when you turn the key). I checked to see if it was the ignition switch by bridging the connection on the starter with a screw driving. The starter cones on but the car wont start. It tried starting it in neutral (still doesn’t work). It’s not the security because the light turns off when you try to start it. Any solutions or ideas?

Obviously the ignition switch is part of the problem, perhaps all. Replace it.

“also makes no sound when you turn the key”

So the starter is not even getting power . . . I agree with Bill, that you need to take a much closer look at the ignition switch

The first thing to check is the starter relay fuse, fuse 12/10 AMP.

If the fuse is good, then swap the starter relay with another relay.

Both of these are located in the IPDM E/R.


I wouldn’t be so sure it isn’t the security system. Do you have the proper Key? How are you using a screwdriver anywhere near a normal or stock ignition switch?

I would have to look it up to see what flavor security system they used in that vehicle…but methinks that needs to be sorted out and proven not an issue prior to trying to start it. It will turn over and just not fire up and run with the security system involved…thats precisely the point of its use in the vehicle.

Some systems kill the ability to crank the engine…others allow crank but wont start… Again…have to look it up.


NATS allows the engine to crank, but not start.


Yes…You are correct @Tester I was just providing examples of what could be experienced. Most security systems allow cranking or at least it seems that way. All depends I guess. The OP also states the security light is NOT on during crank…so I think now that perhaps it is not the system doing this on purpose. I remember reading about whether the light stays on during crank or not as a clue.

Again…They need to look up the particulars of this system to know what it may or may not be trying to tell them. Too many different systems rattling round in my head


Sorry for my late response. @BillRussell I thought you could bypass the ignition switch by manually bridging the connection on the starter?

@“Honda Blackbird” “How are you using a screwdriver anywhere near a normal or stock ignition switch?” I used the screwdriver to bridge the connection on the starter by touching the two screws at the same time.

no, that does not power the ignition.

When you find a problem, fix it first before attempting to solve other problems. Simple rule of troubleshooting.

This sounds like a bad neutral safety switch. Have you shifted to neutral and tried to start the vehicle? This is assuming that the vehicle has an automatic transmission. If it starts…replace the neutral safety switch.

Ah yes… Your screwdriver technique…while useful for other issues…does nothing for your current dilemma. Would have to agree with @BillRussell here… He summed it up pretty well.


@missileman yes I have.

@BillRussell is there a way to troubleshoot the ignition switch?

I guess you could take it apart and look for problems like pitted contacts. never tried that myself.

If the fuses in the dash are getting power with the ignition ON then the ignition switch should be good. Use the slits on top of the fuses to check for power. If the warning lights in the dash turn on then the trouble you are having is most likely due to a faulty safety switch.

Sorry, I forgot to mention that the car starts periodically. I started it twice and then on the third try it will not start.

If this is the case…and the security system is not the cause… I would be looking into my fuel pump. You should be able to hear it prime when you turn the key all the way on prior to the starter engagement point.

If you pay attention…you will hear it. If you dont…check the fuel rail pressure valve…got pressure?


The car is starting right now, do I have to wait until it doesn’t start again? I also thought that a bad fuel pump wouldn’t allow the cat to drive either?

“it also makes no sound when you turn the key”

Sounds less like a fuel pump, and more like a possible problem with the ignition switch