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'97 Toyota Camry keys

I just purchased a 1997 Camry with 147k miles through a local dealer…and it only came with the valet key which will open doors/start the car with no problem but will not open the trunk. I have to use the trunk release lever on the drivers side floor. The salesman told me I could go to a Toyota dealer and get the master key using the VIN from the Camry. Will that really work? Do you have any other suggestions how I can get the master key made so I can open the trunk from the outside?

Also, it has power locks but no keyless entry (fob). How would I know if it came with a key fob for the keyless entry? Would the dealer parts dept be able to find out?

Thanks for your help.

If you go to the toyota parts counter with the car registration they can make you a key or they will give you the code number for the key and you can take it to a locksmith and they can make you a key. this key will be as good as the original key.
you can buy a remote for your car on ebay and they usually will come with programming instruction.