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2001 Toyota Camry - The key question

I bought a 2001 Toyota Camry LE for my HS daughter. It came with 2 valet keys so I can only open my trunk from the inside trunk release. I read that Toyota’s of this vintage had to pull computer out and either reprogram or replace. Can I buy a non-chip ignition key that can work to unlock the trunk?

To program a new key to the vehicle a registered master key must be inserted first however a master key can be cut and used to open the trunk and glove box, just won’t start the engine. A non immobilizer key might fit the trunk lock.

I keep an “oh, crap!” key in my wallet for my 2009 Corolla. It has no chip and won’t start the car but it will open the door and trunk. It was cut by a local locksmith who knew exactly what I wanted. In ancient times a locksmith could cut a key based on the VIN so it’s possible you can have a key made that will meet your needs. It won’t be cheap though.