'97 Toyota ac problem, freezing feet


No matter where (what vents) I set the ac to blow, cold air comes out of the floor vents on the driver side. This happens even if I set it to defrost setting (blow out of the top most vents near the window). If I set it to blow out the mid (torso) level vents, then it does come out of those vents, but also still blows out full force on the driver side floor vent. I have poor circulation in my feet and it makes my feet painfully cold. I live in south FL so I have to have my ac on all the time. It is only happening with the floor vents on the driver side for some reason. I tried stuffing a towel up there, but it doesn’t work, whenever I brake, the towel drops which would be pretty dangerous if I tried to drive like that.Is there something else that I can do to fix it? I wouldn’t mind at all if the solution caused there to never be air blowing out of the floor vents. If someone could help me with this, it would significantly change my driving experience!! Thank you!


On most cars today the vents are controlled with a vacuum system. You could have low vacuum, a loose hose or a defective motor. Fixing it means a lot of work on most cars as it is difficult to reach the parts.


Instead of a towel, how about cutting a piece of foam or some other material to fit snuggly into the vent, and then tape it in place so it can’t fall out.

The only problem with blocking the vent is you won’t be able to get any heat out of it in case you ever need it, and it DOES occasionally get cold in FLA.