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Where is the cool air going?

The AC blows really cold but it just trickles out of the vents. It sounds like it is blowing really hard but it is not getting to the vents.

Check the defrost outlets at the bottom of the windshield. If you find airflow there, it means that you have a problem with the vacuum that goes to the climate control system.

A check of system pressures would tell you if the compressor is cycling correctly. I suspect the evaporator is icing up and blocking airflow. Check and see if the compressor ever cycles (while stopped). This is a crude technique but you should be getting some cycling action (unless you make the test in the sun with the windows down).

it does cycle on and off. I thought maybe something is disconnected/loose or stopped up since I can hear the air blowing hard but it just doesn;t get to the vents

Yes, like a disconnected vacuum hose.

yes, a vacuum problem somewhere.