97 Saturn - disengaged hand brake cable

97 Saturn SC2 Cp ? I pulled up on the handbrake, heard a pop sound and now I feel no resistance from the handbrake when I pull up on it. I checked underneath the car, near the rear, where the handbrake-cable would engage the drum-brake mechanism and found the connection in tack. Following the cable conduit back toward where the handbrake would be inside the car, it disappears into some sort of compartment space.

I suspect that the brake-cable has either come off or broken at the hidden end of the handbrake?inside the aforementioned compartment area.

I took a quick look inside the car at the plastic cover that the handbrake sinks into and didn?t see a way I could disengage and pull it off so that I could inspect the opposite (hidden) end of the handbrake. Can someone tell me how to get this cover off?