Sudden manual gearship disconnect from trany...except reverse

driving along. after stop light, shifting gears in 96 saturn sc2 w/manual trans and suddenly the stick shift is sloppy and the car is coasting in neutral. managed to get off the road. Car WOULD shift into REVERSE but none of the forward gears. Did something break or fly off? clips? arms? Must I tow or can I quick fix? tnx

i beleive that saturn has shifter cables not linkages. double check with your parts store. if so it is possible that one of them broke useually one is for the side to side selection and the other is the up and down. if you are mechanically inclinded then you might not have to tow it but i would as i hate working on the side of the road while my tools are at home. i had my friends VW shift cable break and it took me about two hours to fix it. give your self plenty of time and try to make it a one day project as you may want to get alot of parts out of the way to make it easier. when you stretch it out you will have a better chance of forgeting where stuff goes and it could take alot longer. let me know what you figure out

The shift cable or part of its linkage has come loose or broken. You’ll probably need a tow and a mechanic to fix this unless you have a service manual and the necessary tools.

thank you…got a ride home. I am NOT mechanically inclined at all. So this sounds way to complicated for me. Thank you so much for the info…now I’m hoping the repair is not terribly expensive…argh
thanks again