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97 Olds Regency Suspension issue

So I submited this question to click and Clack maybe othres have an idea!

My Mom recently gave me my Dad’s (now deceased) 1997 Olds Regency with Electronic Level Control. I’ve replaced the wheels, tires (upgrade 205/70-15 to 235/55-16) and battery.

While driving the left rear wheel smashes into the wheel well with a passenger in the left rear seat. Since it is only the left rear wheel this happens to, I’ve ruled out the larger width tire. I think the ELC is shot. Can I replace the the “active” suspension with a “passive” gas filled shock or is there more involved? Also, I was just going to order the shocks via internet and have the mechanic do the replacement, do ya’ll think this is good idea?


Christopher Martin

New York, NY

Here’s what I install when converting from rear air ride suspension.

They don’t list the Regency itself, but give these guys a call. They can tell you if they have a convertion kit from another Olds model that might apply to your vehicle.


You could just have a leak in the line or strut. There is a compressor in the front, with a sensor by the wheel telling the compressor when to turn on. There are plastic air lines going to each strut to pump them up when needed. If the line is leaking or the strut not holding air, it will sink. You can replace just the rear struts with air struts and repair the lines if needed. If you compressor or ELC control etc. is shot, you can also just disconnect it and and add a manual valve to add air to the struts. The kits are about $5 from NAPA.